Vicky's B&B by V

The B&B is located in Tremoli, Papasidero in the beautiful Park National Pollino, Calabria region Cosenza. The village of Papasidero has 621 inhabitants. Tremoli is a village that falls under the municipality of Papasidero and has 71 residents. Tremoli is located between Santa Domenica Taleo and Papasidero, but closer to SDT and the main road that connects these villages is the SP3 (Contrada Tremoli). Vicky's B&B is located shortly from this road. Vicky's B&B can be reached via a driveway, as the B&B is located higher than the main road. Because the B&B is higher than the road, you have a beautiful view of the mountains in the area.

Tremoli is located in the most beautiful nature and, due to the low number of residents, is a place to completely relax. Vick's B&B can be reached:

  • From Lamezia Terme Airport it is possible to drive along the coast and via the A2. Via the A2 it is 187 km and the distance along the coastline is approximately 149 km. I recommend driving along the coastline, a beautiful road to get into the holiday mood.
  • From Naples Airport you drive to the B&B via Papasidero and go through the mountains or via Scalea, both via the E45. The route via Papasidero is approximately 240 km and the route via Scalea is approximately 245 km.
  • From Bari Airport the B&B can be reached by route via the SP3 and SS653. This route is approximately 266 km.
  • And soon flights with easyJet, KLM and Transavia from Amsterdam to Salerno.
  • EasyJet also flies to Naples and Lamezia Terme and soon to Salerno.

Vicky's B&B by V is located at the following address:

Contrada Tremoli 80,
87020 Papasidero (Tremoli di Papsidero)
Cosenzsa Calabrië, Italië

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