I am your hostess

My name is Vicky and I am originally from the Netherlands. Born as a driver's daughter in Lisserbroek, it was hoped that I could take over the company, but I was too young and had other ambitions that I wanted to pursue. Despite my other ambitions, I went into technology and ended up in the automotive industry. My preference here was mainly for passenger cars and not, as in the family, for trucks. For years I have had the opportunity to work at various companies where I have always really enjoyed myself. For me, there was nothing more beautiful than seeing customers bring their cars to me in confidence and then come back to pick them up with satisfaction, a fact that I have received from the start. Just standing in the workshop for hours was not for me, I wanted more. I wanted to interact more with customers, have more contact. I also worked for a number of years as a service advisor in the automotive industry instead of as an installer.

Wanting to start my own business came later, but it has always been something I wanted to do. This dream just never got off the ground, until now! At the beginning of 2023 I made the choice to follow my dreams of setting up my own company. And not just my own company, my own Bed and Breakfast. The choice to start my B&B in Italy was made quite quickly. I had already made quite a few holiday trips to this beautiful country, visiting friends, and the more I came here, the more I fell in love with this country. In love with Italy for its beautiful areas, mountains, plains and not to forget the unforgettable beaches. I would like to share my love for this country and my decision to emigrate to Italy.

After arranging a lot of things, I packed my things at the end of 2023 and emigrated to Italy. As a loving and cheerful woman who has found new energy in her life, I am going to work to make my own B&B a great success. With the B&B I want to radiate peace and tranquility, but above all I want to offer my visitors a warm feeling and a sense of freedom. In my view, the B&B is intended to allow you to completely relax, away from all the stress and hectic pace of home. The B&B is everything under one roof and it is important to me that we, my guests and I, can be together but still be on our own and respect each other in our actions. A lot can be done and arranged in consultation, but in such a way that fellow holidaymakers also agree to this and/or are not bothered by it. I can't wait to meet you and share my love for Italy.

Welcome to Vicky's B&B by V and enjoy!